Product Features

CRED iQ is a commercial real estate data analytics and valuation platform designed to help industry professionals unlock investment opportunities and evaluate portfolio risks.  Driven by a combined 30+ years of experience, CRED iQ provides actionable intelligence for $910 billion of commercial mortgage data.

Lead Generator

Lease, Investment, Mortgage, Servicing

Generate a targeted list of maturing loans, expiring leases, or off market deals and contact the borrower or lender via email, phone, or by mail.

Commercial Real Estate Valuations

Timely, Market, Dark Values

Values based on in-depth relevant market data, updated property financial and leasing information, trend analysis and 20 years of valuation experience.


Interactive Valuation Scenarios (MyQ)

Intuitive, Micro/Macro Adjustments

User friendly software application enables users to adjust CRED iQ valuation assumptions and observe the impact across loans, deals and portfolios.

Loss Projections

Accurate, Reliable, Proven

Individual and aggregate forecasts with timing estimates. Tranche balance and credit enhancement projections over 1-10 year time horizons as selected by the user.

Investment Quality Scores (iQ)

Quantifiable, Comparable, Objective

Numerical tranche and deal level objective risk assessments free from market perceived conflicts of interest.

Portfolio Analytics

Loan, Tranche, Deal

Evaluate, monitor and compare groups of user defined loans, tranches and deals which can be shared with members of your organization.

Real-Time Alerts

News, Borrower, Tenant, Collateral, Delinquency

Be the first to know significant changes in the marketplace relevant to your portfolio.



CRED iQ serves CRE & CMBS professionals for the following:

  • Mortgage Brokers
  • Leasing Brokers
  • Investment Sales
  • CRE Developers
  • Loan Servicers
  • Capital Markets
  • Property Managers
  • Market Researchers
  • CRE Appraisers
  • Accountants
  • CECL Compliance
  • Technology Firms
  • Insurance Companies
  • CRE Underwriters
  • Data Providers

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